“FARJUD“ Eng. Construction & installation co. has been stablished since 1992 under registration number 8773 issued by "Esfahan General Registration Department".

The board member of “FARJUD“ co have demonstrated a dynamic capability in achieving technical goals for govermental and private departments and based on more than 20 years of experience and resources. “FARJUD“ co. is capable of executing activities such as erection, construction and pre-commissioning of industrial projects.

The company has brought into successful completed more than 10 projects in the fields of oil, gas, petrochemical and steal complexes in various parts of iran.

Our success was facilitated by continues vision, considering health and safety principles and working tirelessly.

We are also deeply intrested for providing equipment, skilled personnel, procurement and aslo indispensable services for foreign investors in Iran.

“FARJUD“ co. have been ranked in “Tech. office of Esfahan government center“ as grade 4 for installatin works.